One voice to the customer

Siemens Business Services, based in Paderborn and Munich, was one of the largest German providers of IT infrastructure services until it was renamed Siemens IT Solution and Services. WörterSee realised a number of communication projects for the ‘Product Related Services’ (PRS) division.

These projects have always focused on how to translate the sometimes abstract jargon of the IT industry and the visions and messages of SBS PRS into a language that the media, customers and sales understand. An important sub-project was the conception and implementation of an internal company communication campaign, which enabled sales and marketing throughout Europe to communicate the benefits of the products and services with one voice.

The “Global Communication Campaign” was implemented in six European locations of Siemens – Munich, Brussels, Madrid, Istanbul, Vienna and London. On the one hand, the communication strategy made room for the culturally determined differences in communication in the individual countries, but never lost sight of the goal – a coordinated and comprehensive internal communication of the values of SBS products and services.


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