PATA Germany e.V.

When the Pacific Asia Travel Association – PATA for short ( – was founded in Honolulu (Hawai’i) in 1951, it set itself the goal of promoting tourism to and from the Asia-Pacific region, but also within this region. Today – 70 years later – Asia and the Pacific Rim are considered the fastest-growing tourist destinations worldwide, and they continue to gain in importance, especially for the German-speaking market, which is keen on travelling.

Over the years, more than a hundred countries, territories and regions from Asia and the Pacific Rim have carried the founding idea of PATA into the wider world. Numerous bodies at government, state and city level, as well as well over 2,000 aviation, maritime, hospitality and travel trade companies, make PATA one of the leading tourism associations in the world today.

The headquarters, originally established in San Francisco (California, USA), has since moved to Bangkok (Thailand). In addition, regional offices have been established in Beijing (China), Dubai (Gulf region), Macau (Asia) and Sydney (Pacific), and 58 chapters (regional associations) represent the association’s philosophy in many countries around the world, including Germany.

The German chapter, PATA Deutschland e.V., is registered as an association in Frankfurt am Main and is supervised by the office in Bielefeld. The main objective of PATA Deutschland e.V. is to represent the interests of the Pacific Asia Travel Association in Germany and to further promote tourism to the Asia-Pacific region through numerous activities.

Currently, PATA Deutschland e.V. consists of more than 100 members from various sectors of the travel industry. These include airlines, tourist boards, hotel chains and tour operators. Trade fair companies, tourist agencies and service providers have also been members of the association for many years.

In 2015, PATA Deutschland e.V. was awarded the PATA Excellence Award as the best regional association worldwide.