And … Action! … Kayumanis Sanur

Enveloped within a lush garden setting that celebrates the harmony of Balinese living, Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa & Spa is inspired by the layout of a traditional village. The property features a collection of just 11 units and supporting facilities connected by a stone path that winds its way beneath the trees. From the first moment of arrival, you will feel yourself embraced by warm hospitality and a unique sense of belonging. Sanur is a laid-back village with a rich history steeped in art, culture and tradition. As Bali’s first real tourist destination, it is home to a number of sacred Hindu temples and sites of interest. Blessed with a stretch of white sand beach sheltered by gentle waters, Sanur has a calming spirit that draws people back time and time again. Kayumanis Sanur channels that same energy to create a nurturing home environment.


Petra Koslowski
+49 (0)521 329 757 17

Christian Handschell
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