LEONARDO Masterblender und montana Cuvée Event

Exclusive journalist events are among the best occasions to present new products. The shared experience in a select circle of colleagues and at a special location is clearly in the foreground.For the customer glaskoch and the two brands montana: and LEONARDO, WöterSee has planned and carried out such events in the same way.

LEONARDO Masterblender

In its anniversary year in Hamburg, LEONARDO invited 20 top-class media representatives from the pleasure and lifestyle sector to mix their own individual blend of wine together. Charming hosts were Oliver Kleine, owner of glaskoch, and master sommelier Hendrik Thoma in his function as brand ambassador. The focus was on the new Teqton glass series. The Location: The “Tafelhaus” of star chef Christian Rach in Hamburg.

A four-course menu was accompanied by a barrel tasting of selected red grape variety wines. Each participant could mix his own blend according to his own taste while getting to know the high-quality Glasserie Teqton and learning more about the successful LEONARDO brand and the company glaskoch.

montana Cuvée event

For the launch of the new Glasserie Cuvée from montana we organised two events at once: in Hamburg in the private kitchen of the hotel “east” and in Munich in the restaurant “G-Munich” of Holger Stromberg.  A total of 40 journalists from the lifestyle and gourmet sector experienced the new glasses at a wine tasting, rounded off with a high-quality menu.







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