Study Tours – understanding with the heart

Where should we start with Dr. Tigges? We were still students when we started guiding tours for the inventor of the “study tours”, a very German concept of educational tourism. And over all these years, Dr. Tigges has accompanied us, most recently as THE study tour product brand of the tour operator Gebeco. Why, we ask ourselves after almost 25 years now? A simple and personal answer: Because we love travelling and culture wherever it reveals itself to us: in churches, mosques and temples, with good food and good wine from the region. And because we love mediation, in meaningful conversations with interesting and interested people.

In any case, to this day we have enjoyed working with the product management and marketing of Dr. Tigges and Gebeco to create ever new study tour concepts and products that inspire a demanding, experienced and curious clientele. We concentrate on the countries and destinations that we know best – for example hiking and study tours in the footsteps of the Celts in Ireland, to the beginnings of the industrial revolution in the north of England and south of Scotland, to major exhibitions and small hidden highlights in the east of Germany, to the wines of Rioja and Piedmont, the beers and buildings of Belgium or to the best restaurants and hidden mosques of Istanbul. More than 40 itineraries have been acquired in the course of time, and new ones are added every year.




Dr. Tigges


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