Gross national happiness

Gross national happiness reigns in Bhutan. In the Land of the Thunder Dragon, as the Bhutanese affectionately call their homeland, tradition and modernity combine to create an incomparable atmosphere. It was not until 1974 that the country opened up to tourists, which is why many people dream of visiting Bhutan and experiencing its unique culture, open people and wonderful nature first hand. Bhutan Soul is an incoming agency based in the west of Bhutan in the capital Thimpu. The founder of DMC, Langa Dorji, has been working for WörterSee since he and a partner ran the agency Atlas Bhutan.

We have been advising and supporting Langa for several years as a tourism representative office with sales and communication solutions and in all questions relating to the European travel market and its media landscape. And we were able to experience the country, which despite all the challenges of modernity stands for authenticity like no other in Asia. A very special experience for which we are still grateful today.




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