WörterSee sets sail with Variety Cruises

WörterSee is pleased to announce that we are now the PR agency for Variety Cruises in German-speaking countries.

The Greek cruise line is currently leading the way with a fleet of eight small cruise ships designed to have no more than 72 guests on board. This ship size allows for a more intimate and personalised experience for passengers.

Variety Cruises’ destinations span a variety of waters, including those around Greece, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific around Tahiti, crossings of the Panama Canal, Cape Verde and the West African coast, as well as Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

As the PR agency for Variety Cruises, we are committed to making the company’s unique stories and travel experiences accessible to a wider German-speaking audience. We value the long-standing tradition and clear vision of Variety Cruises and look forward to communicating these values.

More information can be found in the Content Hub.